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Tips for Keeping Your Pets Safe While Traveling

Posted on 11 February, 2017 at 16:20 Comments comments (5402)

Tips  for  Keeping  Your  Pets  Safe  While  Traveling    

Whether  going  out  of  town  by  plane,  bus,  car,  train,  etc.,   pet  parents  want  to  keep  their  faithful  companions  safe  and   happy.    These  tips  will  not  only  ensure  the  safety  of  your   beloved  pets,  but  will  also  give  you  peace  of  mind.    

1. Carriers  –  Always  make  sure  your  pet  has  the   right  size  carrier,  along  with  blankets  and  toys  to   keep  them  occupied.  

2. Always  make  sure  your  pets  are  securely  fastened   in  the  car.  Not  doing  so  is  not  only  dangerous  for   them;  it  is  also  dangerous  for  you  and  other   humans  traveling  with  you.  There  are  seat  belts   and  harnesses  now  on  the  market  for  this   purpose.      

3. Never  tether  an  animal,  as  this  can  cause   accidental  hanging.  Also,  do  not  leave  them   unattended,  as  there  are  many  shady  people  out   there  who  may  abduct  your  beloved  pet.  

4. Make  sure  it’s  not  too  hot  or  too  cold  for  your  pet   by  having  the  heat  or  AC  on  the  right   temperature,  and  if  you  dress  your  pet,  do  not   under  or  over  dress.    Along  these  lines,  don’t   leave  your  pet  in  a  cold  or  hot  car,  as  this  will   surely  cause  death.  

5. If  traveling  by  plane  and  your  pet  has  to  be  in  a   carrier  that  is  to  be  transported  elsewhere  in  the   plane,  make  sure  the  airline  staff  knows  all  safety   protocol  for  transporting  animals.  However,  if  at   all  possible,  let  your  pet  travel  with  you  under   your  seat  in  a  carrier.  

6. Bring  all  food,  blankets,  toys,  and  anything  else   your  pet  needs,  as  it  will  make  your  pet  feel  more    secure  and  it  will  be  less  distracting,  as  your  pet  is   less  likely  to  bark,  meow,  whimper,  etc.  Make   sure  they  have  enough  water  to  keep  them   hydrated.  

7. When  stopping  for  food,  choose  drive  thru   options  so  you  don’t  have  to  leave  your  pet  in  the   car,  as  well  as  choosing  hotels  that  are  pet   friendly.    

8. When  going  on  long  car  rides  with  your  pet,  make   frequent  stops  for  potty  breaks  so  he/she  doesn’t   have  an  accident  and  to  ensure  your  pet  is   comfortable.  Make  sure  they  are  on  leashes  so   they  don’t  get  loose  and  possibly  get  run  over  by   a  car.    Have  plastic  bags  on  hand  to  pick  up  after   your  pets.

These  are  just  some  of  the  things  you  can  do  to  make  traveling   safer  and  more  pleasurable  for  you  and  your  pets.  You  can have fun  while  safely  traveling  with  your  4-­‐legged  friends.         

Fees and Discounts

Posted on 14 March, 2014 at 15:05 Comments comments (1030)

I just want to take time to explain my rates, as upon first glance, some people may find them confusing.  When I list the prices for dogs and the prices for cats and then put $5.00 for each additional pet, I mean if you have a dog and a cat, all day petting sitting would be $30.00 for the dog and $15.00 for the cat or other animal.  Each additonal pet, regardless of whether it's a cat, dog, goldfish, bird, etc would be $5.00 each.

Also, I want to offer discounts to those who refer me to others.  If you refer me to another potential customer and that customer decides to hire me as a pet sitter and/or dog walker, you will receive a 20% discount off your total for next time.  That customer will also receive a 20% discount off their total the first time they use my services.